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  1. Local Heating Centers Available

    Heating centers are available in and around Villa Park. Stay warm and know the signs of hypothermia. Read more about heating centers...
  2. Ice Rinks Now Open at Cortesi and Jefferson Parks

    Ice reached optimal conditions the week of December 19th. Rinks at Cortesi and Jefferson Parks are now open. Read more about ice rinks...
  3. Villa Park Seeks Commissioners

    The Village of Villa Park is actively seeking applicants to fill vacancies on several commissions. Read more about commissioner positions...
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Villa Park Spotlight

  1. CloggedGrateSpotlight


    We've been receiving a lot of rainfall lately, and keeping storm inlets free of clogs will help reduce flooded streets.

    Clogged inlets prevent storm water from entering the sewers. This causes standing water in the streets and potentially ice if temperatures reach freezing. 

    So, you can help the community by keeping storm inlets clear of debris!