Harvard Avenue Improvement Project (Plymouth to Ridge)

General Information

Project Location(s):
North Harvard Avenue from Plymouth Street to Ridge Road
Project Status:
Bid Opening Date:
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QuestCDN Number:
Construction Start Date:
Construction Completion Date:
Construction Engineer:
Design Engineer:
Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
Awarded Contract Amount:
Adjusted Final Contract Amount:
Funding Source(s):
Street Referendum, Stormwater Fund, Water Supply Fund, Wastewater Fund


To improve the condition of the roadway by means of selected pavement rehabilitation methods. To improve the water system capacity and reliability by replacing the existing undersized water main.


This project consists of improvements on North Harvard Avenue from Plymouth Street to Ridge Road. The project includes the replacement of the existing 4" water main from Plymouth Street to Sunset Drive. The project also includes pavement removal, aggregate base course, Hot-Mix Asphalt Binder Course, Hot-Mix Asphalt Surface Course, curb and gutter installation, sidewalk removal and replacement, driveway pavement removal and replacement, adjusting sanitary services, storm sewer removal and replacement and parkway restoration.  


The Village’s Pavement Management Program has determined that the condition of the street has deteriorated to the point that pavement rehabilitation is needed. The pavement improvements are to be partially funded by voter approved bond proceeds. The existing 4" water main has insufficient capacity and a high incidence of water main breaks. The Illinois EPA Public Water Supply Loan Program (PWSLP) is expected to provide loan funding for the water main improvements.

Bidding & Planholders  Information

Bidding will be conducted online throu8gh the bidding service QuestCDN. More information will be posted when it becomes available.

Project Updates

January 15, 2020A construction permit for the water main has been issued by the IEPA.
January 1, 2021Design of the project is well underway. This project is directly related to the Harvard Avenue (Jefferson Park to Plymouth) project that is expected to take place in the Spring of 2021.