Neighborhood Watch Program

Have you ever wondered what you can do to make your neighborhood the best that it can be? If you have, the Villa Park Police Department has the answer for you, the Neighborhood Watch Program. The program has grown in strength in Villa Park over the last few years. It is a simple program start.

A neighborhood organization, large or small, consists of a group of volunteer residents meeting periodically to discuss or act on a specific situation within their neighborhood. The formulation of a neighborhood organization can help create a sense of community within an area which will a positive effect both social and environmentally. Residents feel more secure knowing their neighbors, and sharing a common purpose.

Neighborhood Watch Block Party

Benefits of the Neighborhood Watch Program

  • In emergencies situations, it is better to have a functioning organization in place to address neighborhood problems
  • Easier to implement crime prevention strategies
  • Relationships can be established and / or improved between
  • It creates unity between neighborhood residents, which creates more interest in fellow residents, and their well being
  • Establishes a better working relationship between the police department and the residents
  • Creates better lines of communication
  • Neighbors
  • Neighborhoods
  • Police Department
  • School District
  • Village Government

Start a Neighborhood Watch in Your Area

Presently there are 21 active Neighborhood Watch Areas in Villa Park and it is continually growing. To start a neighborhood watch:
  • Contact Sgt. Kubish or Sgt. Walsh of the Villa Park Police Department at (630) 592-6100.
  • Contact your neighbors and discuss the program.
  • If there is interest in your neighborhood, choose 3 possible dates to hold your first informational meeting.
  • Contact Sgt. Kubish or Sgt. Walsh to schedule your first meeting.
  • A member of the Police Department will meet with you and your neighbors to explain the details and benefits of the Neighborhood Watch program.
Working together we can make Villa Park a better place to live and raise our children,
and put "neighbor" back into neighborhood.