Comprehensive Plan

2022 Request for proposal (RFP)


The Village of Villa Park, Illinois (pop. 22,263) is seeking proposals from qualified consulting firms to draft a new Comprehensive Plan. The Village of Villa Park is a stable community and wishes to retain its unique attributes while supporting and directing redevelopment and growth. It is anticipated that the plan will serve as a guiding document for the next 15-20 years. Click here to access our RFP. 

Proposals shall be submitted to:

Marc McLaughlin, AICP, GISP

Village of Villa Park

Director of Community Development

Plan Creation

On September 14, 2009, the Village Board adopted the 2009 Comprehensive Plan Update. A Comprehensive Plan is a document that works as a Policy Guide for future development and redevelopment decisions over the next ten to twenty years. Our last Comprehensive Plan was prepared in 1984 and therefore needed to be updated for it to effectively guide community planning, development, and decision making.