Jr. Adventure Camp …  Ages: 5-8

Adventure Camp ….  Ages: 8-12

These ages are specific to each camp. Requests to participate in a camp not in a child’s age range cannot be accommodated. 

Jr.  Adventure & Adventure Camp

Give your child a summer experience they won’t soon forget! Our summer camp is packed with outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, games, sports, fishing, cookouts, special events, weekly field trips (walking trips, no bus destinations) and afternoons at the pool (weather permitting). Please send your child with a non-perishable lunch each day and a swimsuit, sunscreen and towel for the pool. All activities are included in the camp fee. There will be NO CAMP on 7/5. 

When registering your camper(s), please make sure to get a camp packet and turn it in by the first day of camp. 

Make sure your child wears sunscreen each day to camp, and bring some extra along!

Sunrise Camp

If your camper(s) needs to arrive before 9 am, we’re here! Campers will be supervised by our camp staff that will provide activities for the campers to enjoy. Pre-registration is required. 

Sunset Camp

Campers who need care after 4 pm can stay until 6 pm; all campers will be supervised by our camp staff. Pre-registration is required. 

Camp Hours

Jr. Adventure & Adventure Camp      Sunrise Camp              Sunset Camp

9 am–4 pm                                          7:30–9 am                   4–6 pm

Sign up for all ten weeks of summer fun or sign up for the days you want! 

Please note: if you are signing up for individual days, you need to be registered at least 48 hours in advance to allow for proper staffing and planning of the day’s events! 

When registering for your camper(s), please make sure to get a camp packet and turn it in by the first day of camp. If your child has any special needs, please notify us when you register so we can work together to provide your child with a great summer camp experience. 

If there are other youth or aquatic programs (sponsored by us) you would like your child to participate in while they are at camp, we will make sure they get to and from the other program safely. Our summer camp staff will escort your child to and from any program held at the Iowa Community Center or Jefferson Pool, (except on Wednesdays, field trip days). If you are interested, please fill out our camp escort form available in our camp pack. Please note: we are not held responsible for missed lessons/classes if an escort form is not submitted to the Camp Director. 


Contact the Camp Director, Laurel Fischer at 630.834.8970 or or the Camp Supervisor, Janet Bry at 630.834.8970 or

Billing and Reservation Specialist, Cathy Elgeness at 630-834-8970 or 


June 7-August 13

Adventure & Junior Adventure Camp Brochure Pages

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November 22, 2021 through November 24, 2021


WEEK 1:  December 20, 2021 through December 22, 2021

WEEK 2:  December 27, 2021 through December 30, 2021


2022 TBD


Contact Janet Bry, Camp Supervisor, by EMAIL or by PHONE at 630.834.8970.