College Streets Improvement Project

General Information

Project Location(s):Iowa Avenue - Stone to Vermont
Michigan Avenue - Stone to Vermont
Vermont Street - Wisconsin to Harvard
Project Status:Design
Bid Opening Date:TBD
Construction Start Date:TBD
Construction Completion Date:TBD
Construction Engineer:TBD
Design Engineer:Robinson Engineering, Ltd.
Awarded Contract Amount:TBD
Adjusted Final Contract Amount:TBD
Funding Source(s):Street Improvement; GO Bonds; IEPA Loan; Water Supply; Wastewater


To improve water system capacity and reliability by replacing the existing water main. To improve the condition of the roadway by means of various pavement rehabilitation methods.


This project consists of the replacement of existing 4" and 6" water mains on North Iowa Avenue from Stone to Vermont, on North Michigan Avenue from Stone to Vermont, and on West Vermont Street from Wisconsin to Harvard. The project will also include pavement improvements on Iowa and on a portion of Michigan Avenue.


The existing water mains have a high incidence of water main breaks, and the existing 4" mains also have insufficient capacity. The Illinois EPA Public Water Supply Loan Program (PWSLP) is expected to provide loan funding for the water main improvements. This project is to be partially funded by voter approved bond proceeds.

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Project Updates

Posted DateDescription
March 21, 2019Staff has held a plan review meeting with the engineering consultant. Staff previously provided review comments to the consultant. The consultant is working to make the necessary revisions.
December 6, 2018The design of the Plans and Specs continues.
August 3, 2018The design of the Plans and Specs continues.
April 19, 2018The design engineer is working on Plans and Specs.
April 5, 2018Staff provided the design engineer with comments on the Plans and Specs.
March 8, 2018Staff continues to review Plans and Specs.
March 1, 2018Staff has begun review of Plans and Specs.
January 25, 2018The design engineer is working on Plans, Specs, and IEPA submittal requirements.
January 18, 2018A progress meeting will be held January 23, 2018.
December 28, 2017Design engineer continues to work on Plans and Specifications
October 14, 2016Engineering consultant continues to work on Phase II plans and specs.
October 7, 2016Staff held a progress meeting with the consultant on October 4, 2016 to discuss our comments.
September 23, 2016Engineering consultant submitted draft Phase II engineering plans for Village review this week.
April 15, 2016Engineering consultant continues to work on Phase II design engineering.
March 18, 2016A progress meeting was held with the design consultant on March 4, 2016.
February 26, 2016Survey work completed and design engineering is ongoing.
December 25, 2015Robinson Engineering completed the required survey work and has started the design engineering.
December 11, 2015Robinson Engineering started the required survey work this week. The survey work is expected to last a couple of weeks.