2017 Historic Preservation Award Recipients

National Historic Preservation Month is being celebrated in May in Villa Park and across the country. At the May 22 Village Board Meeting, four Historical Preservation Plaques were issued by the Historical Preservation Commission, chaired by Carol Marcus.

A Historical Preservation award was issued to Dan Kufner for his 1917 Arts and Crafts Bungalow style home that is named the Eigelberner House after its first owner. It is located on South Summit Avenue.

Kevin and Mariene Wolter received a Historical Preservation Award for their two-story 1927 English Tudor style house that is named the Stegath House after its first owner. It is located on South Cornell Avenue. 

Michael and Tracy Styke received a Historic Preservation Award for their 1915 Sears Catalog Osborn style home. It is located on South Princeton Avenue.

Raymond and Tammy Hensley received a Historic Landmark Award for their 1923 Commercial Building on Park Boulevard. 

These present owners and caretakers are commended for their preservation and maintenance of these important structures that links the past with the future of Villa Park. These buildings are significant to the history and development of the Village and contribute to its character and heritage. The Historical Museum will feature these four buildings in a window display.

Prepared by Carol Marcus – VPHPC – May 2017

Kufner  Wolter

Dan Kufner (left) and Mario Barrales (right); Kevin and Marlene Wolter with children Hadyn and Emily

Styke      Hensley

Mike Styke; Tammy and Raymond "Doc" Hensley

                               Group Photo

2017 Historical Preservation Award Recipients with Historical Preservation Commissioner Carol Marcus