• Village of Villa Park, Written on the Sidewalk
  • Villa Park, Written Several Times on the Same Port
  • The Garden Village, Written on the Sidewalk
  • Sun and Mountains
  • Stick Figures on the Sidewalk
  • Stick Figure with a Jacket
  • Small Child Near I-Heart-Villa Park
  • Sidewalk Design
  • Several Participants, admiring their work
  • Several Colorful Doodles on the sidewalk
  • Puppy Dog, being drawn
  • Participants Taking a Break
  • Participant Standing Near Sidewalk Design
  • Nice Sidewalk Design
  • Making a Design on the Sidewalk
  • Little Girl with a Mickey Towel
  • Little Girl Making a Nice Design
  • Little Girl Climbing into the Fire Truck
  • Kids Climbing out of a Fire Truck
  • Interesting Character on the Sidewalk
  • Inland Bank Rocks, Written on the Sidwalk
  • I Love VP and Alesia Bailey, Written on the Sidewa
  • I -heart- Villa Park, Written on the Sidewalk
  • I -heart- Villa Park, Written in pink
  • Happiness is Villa Park, Written on the Sidewalk
  • Grilling at the Sidewalk Chalk Party
  • Fire Truck Attending the Event
  • Enjoying the festivities
  • Colorful Sidewalk Segement
  • Child getting hair dyed
  • Child Drawing on Sidewalk
  • Carrot Figure on the sidewalk
  • Bike and playground, drawn on the sidewalk.

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