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1. What codes regulate construction in Villa Park?
2. Why are permits necessary?
3. What projects require a building permit?
4. Who should I contact for information on obtaining a permit, and what needs to be submitted?
5. What is required for permit submittal?
6. How long does it take to process a building permit?
7. To what degree is the general contractor or owner responsible for the conditions of the job site and streets during construction?
8. If I am hiring a contractor, will the contractor ensure that the proper permits are obtained?
9. What do I do with the permit placard I was given?
10. How long is a building permit valid for?
11. What if my permit expires?
12. What if I need to modify the approved permit plans after I have received permit approval?
13. I can't find my Plat of Survey. How can I get the plat?
14. What is the difference between the plan review fee and the permit fee?
15. How much review time does the Village need?
16. How long does a plan review take for simple residential permits like sheds, decks, etc.?
17. If I want to make changes to the interior of the building, what do I do?
18. If I want to make changes to the site, what do I do?
19. Do I need a permit, and are plans required to finish a basement?
20. Do I need a building permit to remodel a bathroom or a kitchen?
21. Do I need a permit for re-roofing? Number of roofs allowed?
22. Do I need a permit to replace a fence on my property?
23. Who is JULIE?
24. How close to the lot line can I install a shed?
25. I would like to be my own general contractor; must I, as a homeowner, be a licensed contractor with the Village?
26. What is a stop-work order?
27. If I do any work to my home, will my property taxes be increased?