Hire an Officer

Villa Park Police Officers can be hired by third parties to perform the following police duties:


  • Traffic control and pedestrian safety
  • Crowd control
  • Security and protection of life and property
  • Routine law enforcement for public authorities
  • Plainclothes assignments

This is called extra-duty employment. By filling out the below form, government, profit-making or not-for-profit entities may request to contract with the Villa Park Police Department for purposes of hiring Villa Park police officers for extra-duty employment.

The current (2023) Hourly rate is $85.00 per hour and is set annually based upon the Fraternal Order of Police union contract. Per police department policy, both officers and sergeants are eligible to work extra-duty assignments and the assignments are hired based on availability. 

If an event is cancelled, it is the responsibility of the requestor to contact BOTH HireVPPD@invillapark.com AND (630) 834-7447 to inform Villa Park PD that their presence is no longer required.

To request hiring an officer or officers for extra-duty employment, please complete the following form. This request must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the event.

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