2022 Rebuild IL Resurfacing Project

General Information

Project Location(s):
Division St - Westmore to Addison
Elm St - Westmore to Addison
Wisconsin Ave - St. Charles to Division
Project Status:
Bid Opening Date:
September 2, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. CST.
Mandatory Pre Bid Meeting:
QuestCDN Number:
Construction Start Date:
October 17, 2022
Construction Completion Date:
Arrow Road Construction Company
Construction Engineer:
Design Engineer:
TranSystems Corp.
Awarded Contract Amount:
Adjusted Final Contract Amount:
Funding Source(s):
REBUILD Illinois


This project consists of the resurfacing of various streets throughout the village.


This project will consist of a mill and overlay of the above roadways.  It also includes any necessary road subgrade patching, structure adjustments or reconstruction, curb ramp improvements to comply with ADA requirements, and all necessary restoration work for these improvements.


The village's pavement management program has determined that these streets are in need of repair.

Bidding & Planholders  Information

Village Projects are typically bid through the online bidding service QuestCDN. A list of plan holders as well as the initial bid tabulation will be available on the project page. For more details on how the Village bidding process works, please visit the Bidding Information page.

Project Updates

December 30, 2022A final balancing change order has been approved and all punch list work is complete.
December 9, 2022Staff worked this week to finalize quantities and prepare a final balancing change order for the project. The final change order will be submitted for consideration at an upcoming Village Board meeting. Punch list work is the only site work that remains. Staff is working to perform a final inspection and close out the project.
November 18, 2022Completion of final structure adjustments took place this week. Final asphalt surface paving is expected to be completed next week before the Thanksgiving holiday.
November 11, 2022Completion of pavement patching and paving of a preliminary layer of asphalt, or “leveling binder”, took place this week.
November 4, 2022Work completed this week included marking of pavement patching which is expected to be completed next week. Placement of a preliminary layer of asphalt or “leveling binder” is expected to take place after patching, either next week or the week after.
October 28, 2022Construction continued this week. Work completed this week included the adjustment of curb structures, the pouring of concrete for selective sidewalk and curb and gutter replacement, the temporary removal of frames and lids located within the pavement, and the start of the milling of the existing pavement. Pavement patching is scheduled to take place next week, with placement of a preliminary layer of asphalt or “leveling binder” expected to take place after, either late next week or the week after. 
October 21, 2022Staff held a preconstruction meeting for the first of the village’s two expected REBUILD Illinois projects and issued a Notice to Proceed to the contractor. Construction began this week with the removal and replacement of select concrete curbs and sidewalk. The contractor is planning on beginning milling the roadway early next week.
October 7, 2022A contract for the construction of the first of the village’s two expected REBUILD Illinois projects was awarded at the September 12, 2022 Village Board meeting. The contracts have been executed and coordination preconstruction efforts is underway.
September 2, 2022A bid opening was held today for the project. The apparent low bidder was Arrow Road Construction Company, of Elk Grove, IL. Staff is in the process of reviewing the bids and will then make a final determination.
August 18, 2022The project was advertised for bidding. The bid opening date is September 2, 2022, at 10:00 a.m.