Cancel Service

Final Meter Reading

A final meter reading needs to be done on the day of your closing (move out date) in order to send a final bill and close your account with us. This request must be made by completing the closing bill request form (PDF) which is available in the Finance Department at the Village Hall located at 20 S. Ardmore Avenue; or available for download online.

You must provide your account number, name on account, service address, and a forwarding address for mailing purposes. 

Selling Your Property

No transfer stamps are required for the selling of your home in Villa Park. However, prior to selling your home, you are responsible for obtaining a Certificate of Compliance. This inspection is required upon the sale or transfer of title of any property in the Village. The Public Works Department must perform an inspection to verify that there are no illegal storm water connections (sump pumps, down spouts, area drains, etc.) to the sanitary sewer system on the premises. 

Please contact the Public Works Department 630-834-8505 to set up an appointment and return the closing bill request form (PDF) along with the $50 fee payable in cash, cashiers check, or money order (personal or business checks will not be accepted for compliance inspection fee) to the Finance Department at the Village Hall located at 20 S. Ardmore Avenue.

Security Deposit

A security deposit is required from the applicant for each home or commercial unit to be serviced with water. The deposit is refundable upon request after 4 years of good payment history, or will be applied to your final water bill. If the residence or commercial unit to be served is not occupied by the owner, a security deposit will be required from the tenant occupying the premises. The security deposit is $150 for single family homes, or per unit for multiple family dwellings and is payable prior to occupancy. Business owners should contact the Utility Billing Clerk at 630-834-8500 for deposit amounts.