Starting a Business


If you will be conducting business in Illinois under an assumed or corporate name, you need to file for a certificate with the county. Lists of current business names are available at the DuPage County website.


If you will engage in a type of retail sales business, you must have a sales tax number (either an Illinois Business Tax number or a Retailer's Occupational Tax number.) This sales tax number can be obtained by contacting the Illinois Department of Revenue, at 312-814-5258, or by visiting the Illinois revenue website.

If you are incorporating your business, or establishing a limited partnership, you must register with the State of Illinois Secretary of State, at 312-793-3380 or visit the Illinois website. Corporations and partnerships also require a Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEIN.) A Sole Proprietorship may be able to use its Social Security Number. You can obtain your FEIN at: Federal Taxpayer Service, 800-829-1040, or talk to your accountant.


Develop a comprehensive Business Plan, which is needed for loan and leasing applications. The Small Business Development Center at COD can help you with this process.

Contact the Community Development Department for available commercial space information. Check zoning with the Community Development Department to be sure your type of business is a permitted use for the property, prior to the purchase or lease.

If you would like a pre-inspection of an existing building prior to a purchase or signing of a lease, call the Permit / Building Department to set-up an inspection to determine if the building meets all current codes. There will be a minimal fee required for this inspection.

Apply for a Certificate of Occupancy with the Village of Villa Park. This certificate is required before you can open your business. This is issued by the Permit / Building Department after a building and fire inspection have been completed and approved. These inspections will be scheduled when you bring in your application and fee.

Please Note: Some businesses may require additional inspections and licensing, dependent on the nature of the business, i.e. Health Department inspections, Liquor License, etc.

If you are planning on making any renovations, remodeling or sign changes to your location, you are required to apply for a permit through the Permit / Building Department.


While Villa Park does not require home-based businesses be registered with the village, it does, however, have restrictions and requirements by which a home-based business must be conducted:

In general, no home-based business shall unreasonably interfere with the use and enjoyment of neighboring residential properties.

No visible evidence of the home-based business shall be apparent from the street not surrounding area.

A home-based business is not to be deemed a substitute for activities customarily conducts in commercial districts within the Village.

To receive a copy of the village's regulations for home-based businesses, please contact the Community Development Department, at 630-433-4300.


New Construction (PDF) 

Additions (PDF) 

Interior Remodel (PDF)

For additional information regarding the permitting process, please click here.