Flood Control Study


To create a plan that will reduce the amount of flooding in the Village.


The Village has hired three engineering consultant companies, V3 Companies of Illinois, Christopher Burke, and RJN, to compile data and provide a plan that will drive future flood related construction projects.


This study will give the Village direction on which projects should take priority and how each project will relieve the amount of flooding for residents and businesses.

Project Documents

Project Updates

Posted Date
March 25, 2016Progress meeting with Burke Engineering held this week. Although there are multiple conflicting utilities, it appears that it would be physically possible to install a new storm sewer in the corridor. The need to coordinate with the Green Infrastructure project was also discussed.
March 18, 2016A progress meeting with Burke Engineering is scheduled for next week.
March 4, 2016Burke Engineering will be providing additional survey work that will be needed for the green infrastructure projects on Washington Street and Grant Avenue.
February 18, 2016
  • Village staff received a proposal from Burke Engineering for additional survey work that will be needed for the green infrastructure projects on Washington Street and Grant Avenue.
  • The combined sewer separation design for the Washington/Monterey corridor from Burke Engineering will be conducted in two phases. The first phase would verify the feasibility of routing for the proposed storm sewers. It was approved by the Village Board on December 14, 2015. A kickoff meeting was held on January 6, 2015 (see also combined sewer separation). Work is ongoing.
  • Staff met internally to discuss street and private property flooding in the area south of North Avenue and east of Ardmore. The Burke Flood Control Study did provide some preliminary recommendations, primarily flood storage (detention). Burke Engineering did submit a proposal for more detailed engineering to address flooding in the area last May. The proposal will be updated and presented to the Village Board for consideration once we have more details of planned redevelopment for this area.
  • Burke Engineering is assisted the Village with a grant application (Submittal to Du Page County due October 3, 2015) for additional Community Development Block Grant- Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding. There is a high priority for projects that benefit areas with low and moderate income. A combined sewer separation project on Biermann between St. Charles Road and Division is proposed.
  • Village staff prepared a second CDBG-DR grant application for the purchase of the property at 546 South Euclid (O'Connor
  • Twenty road projects in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) have overlap with possible drainage projects identified in the flood control studies.
  • Combined Sewer Separation via the installation of new storm sewers appears to provide the greatest overall benefit. It may not provide sufficient flood control benefits in some area unless augmented by flood control measures, including green infrastructure measures.
  • The total estimated cost of all projects listed in the preliminary reports is $26 million to $28 million. That number is expected to increase as more projects will be included in the final report.
March 17, 2014Staff has submitted documents to each consultant to aid in their study.
March 6, 2014Staff held a kick-off meeting with V3 Companies of Illinois, Christopher Burke, and RJN.