Special Event Application Packet

special events in Villa Park

The following events require a Special Event Application Permit:

  • Sidewalk Sale
  • Tent Sale
  • Seasonal Sale
  • Organized Run
  • Parade
  • Carnival
  • Amusement

Please also note that:

  • Applications MUST be submitted 30 days prior to the event date.
  • A Special Event Permit costs $75, plus additional fees as listed in the application. 
  • Certain services and activities require proof of insurance specifically naming the Village of Villa Park as an Additional Insured. Be sure to attach this document with your application. Failure to do so will result in a denied application and require you to re-submit with proper documentation. 
  • If you do not represent a church, social, civic or fraternal organization or recognized association or group that has a village-issued liquor license, you may solicit any such organization to serve liquor at your event on your behalf. That organization is responsible for applying for a one-day liquor license, which can be found here.
  • Access to a hydrant requires a $3,000 deposit and the completion of the application found here:
    Hydrant use deposit form
  • If you are ONLY requesting use of one of our facilities, you ONLY need to fill out the form found here: Recreation building use form
    • Special Event Application fees will not apply, however room reservation rates will vary.

Completed applications can be returned to vpadminasst@invillapark.com. Please call the Village Manager’s Office at (630) 592-6052 with further questions. 

It is the Village of Villa Park’s policy to equitably permit, assist, and promote community events. Organizers agree to the fees associated with the activity by their submission of a special event application packet or accepting a permit to conduct an activity.

Village sponsored or Village co-sponsored events are exempt from the fee schedule listed below:

$75.00 Special Event Permit Fee
$75.00 Liquor Permit (per day)
$10.00 Raffle Permit (per day)
$1.00 Barricades (daily per barricade if under 5, actual rental fee if over 5)
$20.00 Barricade Delivery (if <5; if >5 barricades, $100)
$5.00 Village-Provided Refuse Receptacles (per receptacle, includes disposal)
$50.00 Inspections (per inspection)
$50.00 Electric Usage Rental Fee
$150.00 Village-Provided Generator (per day)
$150.00 Penalty Fee for Hosting a Special Event Without Permits (plus Village expenses)
$150.00 Penalty Fee for Less than 30 Days Notice Prior to Event
$35—$45 Special Fencing Installation and Removal (hourly per employee)
$35—$45 Clean Up & Trash Disposal Following Event (2 hour minimum, & per employee)
$40.00 Fire Department Personnel (2 hour minimum per employee)
$50.00 Sworn Police Personnel (2 hour minimum per officer)
TBD Actual Water Usage ($10 per 1,000 gallons, $50 minimum)

*Rate is based on normal business hours vs. overtime, 2 hour minimum per Village employee

NOTE: The Village of Villa Park provides this estimate in good faith, however, charges may change dependent on the actual use of the Village services in support of the special event.