Outdoor Fireplaces

Excerpt From Village Ordinances

Chapter 4: Open Flames or Burning

  • Open burning is prohibited, except with the express written permission of the code official, or his designate.
    • Exceptions include; recreation fires that are allowed for cooking food on grills, barbecues, kettles, smokers, and similar appliances. Fire pits, fire rings, or other fires on the ground are prohibited.
  • The burning of seasoned firewood in an "outdoor fireplace" is allowed. The wood used shall be cut into logs and not freshly cut or "green." The appliance used shall have a secure, suitable cover, and suitable screening in place on its sides. The code official, or his designate may prohibit the use of an outdoor fireplace if the products of combustion create, or add to a hazardous, or objectionable situation.
laws on open flames or burning